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Fort Worth or Dallas Area Wedding Prep Guide for 2024 Brides

North Texas is home to so many gorgeous and highly demanded wedding venues. If you’ll be a 2024/25 bride, it’s time to start planning (or continue, if you’ve already begun). Putting together a great wedding for Dallas/Ft. Worth involves taking care of guests and arranging the right vendors. 

Have you considered what will happen to your dress after the ceremony and reception, though? Wedding gown costs have skyrocketed, meaning there’s no better time than now to start thinking about how you’ll prevent your gown from being a discarded keepsake. 

Read on to learn more about the difference-maker that is cleaning a wedding dress with a gown cleaner certified by the Association of Gown Care Specialists. Then, whether you’re located nearby in Fort Worth, Westover, or Weatherford (or further away like Allen, Plano, or Highland Park), give Kite’s Bridal a call at 866-822-2554. 

Schedule your Arlington, Dallas, or FW gown cleaning in advance of your wedding

When you plan ahead for your gown cleaning, it can mean extra peace of mind knowing that even the scariest of wedding day stains, scuffs, or spills can be cleaned by a professional, and affordably at that. Kite’s has cleaned gowns for brides who marry locally and faraway alike. As long as you bring your dress to us in a prompt manner before or after the honeymoon, you’re in good hands. 

Kite’s gown cleaning process is straightforward:

CONSULTATION – We visibly examine gowns to ensure a fair quote upfront. This process is free and non-committal. Our specialists will seek out tears, stains, and any other imperfections. 

VISIBLE STAINS – Next, our cleaners will tackle those pesky coffee and cake stains, not to mention soil, sand, and/or sauce. When we remove visible stains from a gown, we do so in a protective manner, and acting early is everything in terms of removing blemishes. 

INVISIBLE STAINS – This is where dry cleaning and DIY’ing can fall short: Sugars can create invisible stains that don’t appear for weeks, months, or years, and are far more likely to be permanent if not addressed immediately. Our staff will identify every invisible stain and remove those as well. 

See what TheKnot and WeddingWire rave about! Kite’s Bridal is your go-to source for gown cleaning in North Texas

When you call Kite’s Bridal of Fort Worth at 866-822-2554, we’ll schedule your consultation and cleaning on your time, so long as you can bring us your gown as soon as possible after the wedding bells ring. 

In addition to D/FW pro wedding gown cleaning, Kite’s offers preservations with MuseumCare™, allowing daughters and granddaughters to potentially inherit your gown without fearing a change in shape, size, or quality. 

Kite’s Bridal’s clients are spread across the Dallas/Ft. Worth metro area, including Pantego, Benbrook, UD, Garland, Irving, Grand Prairie, Burleson, DeSoto, Cedar Hill, and Denton. When you’re planning a wedding in or near Fort Worth, pencil us in and do it soon.