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Fort Worth's Trusted Dry Cleaning Specialists

Kite’s Wedding Gown Specialists hand clean and hand finish each wedding gown to ensure that every bustle, bodice, and train is picture perfect. 

Before the Wedding

If you feel that your gown needs a touch up before the wedding, we will clean and press your dress ensuring that it is picture perfect for your walk down the aisle.

After the Wedding

After the ceremony and reception, we will then take your gown and inspect every inch of fabric to identify areas that need to be addressed. Kite’s uses delicate hand cleaning processes and special anti-sugar treatment techniques that will address any hidden stains which can linger and appear on the dress years later if left untreated. In addition, the dress will undergo thorough cleaning in a solvent bath. After cleaning, the dress will be carefully inspected once again to find any missing beads, rips or tears that can be repaired before going through the final steaming process, returning the dress to its original glory.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Maria S.

Cleaning and Preservation

BRIDES!!! We already go through so much stress let steaming/washing/preserving the least of your struggles. I cannot recommend Kite's enough! They steamed, washed, prepped, and preserved my wedding dress! Highly recommend!!!