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Please contact us if you don’t see an answer to your question in our list of frequently asked questions.

No two gowns are alike. Because the amount of time needed to thoroughly clean, restore and preserve gowns can vary widely based on material, style, and construction, we base our rates on each individual gown we handle. Please call us at 1-866-811-1554 to speak to a wedding gown specialist for an estimate, and to set up a free consultation.

Yes! We offer gift cards for any of our services that make great wedding or bridal shower presents. In addition, we are happy to donate wedding preservations to non-profit charity fundraisers. For more information on how we give back, please send an inquiry to

Gown cleaning and pressing takes about 2 weeks. During peak wedding season (May-July) we request that you allow 4-6 weeks to prepare your gown before the wedding.Gown preservation, which is a more in-depth process, normally takes 4-6 weeks.Preservations can also take longer during peak wedding season. If something is needed right away just let us know, we always try to accommodate rush orders when possible.

Yes. If you would like, we can contact you to arrange a showing for you to inspect your gown before we preserve it.

Yes! With our preservation service, your gown will be placed in an archival wedding chest that allows it to be viewed. If you choose to handle your gown, we recommend using the white gloves that are included to protect against oil and other contaminants that could transfer from your hands. Please only handle the bodice of your gown. We do not recommend removing your gown completely from the chest without the assistance of a wedding gown specialist.

Accessories such as headpieces and veils, petticoats, gloves, garters, and handkerchiefs may be stored with your gown. Anything packaged with your gown must be cleaned before placing them in the chest at an additional charge in order to be covered by the guarantee. You may also choose to store your things in more than one chest. Shoes or leather items such as purses should not be stored with the gown because fumes from the leather and glue that binds shoes can damage the gown. Ask for a small treasure chest to store items that will not fit or should not be stored with the gown.

You may open your archival chest to view the bodice of your gown. If you would like to take your gown out of the chest, please contact us or any member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, and we will be happy to remove and re-package it for you at no charge. We do not recommend that you do this yourself as it will compromise the preservation. If your gown is handled excessively or soiled it should be re-cleaned and preserved again.

Yes, we accept all major credit and debit cards, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and Discover.

Gowns should be treated with the true preservation process as soon as possible after the wedding before stains can set and sugar begins to caramelize.

Your archival preservation chest should be stored in a climate-controlled environment to reduce the risk of damage. We DO NOT recommend storing your gown in an attic, garage, basement, or non-climate-controlled storage unit. It is also important that the fabric of the gown can breathe, so remember to remove the plastic bag that will be covering your chest before you store it.

Our affiliation with the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists offers the unique feature that when a gown preserved by Kite’s is to be worn again, it can be brought into any member of the Association world-wide and the gown will be inspected, steamed, pressed, and prepared to wear for FREE!

Here at Kite’s we guarantee our work and will refund, repair or replace your gown if any damage is at fault to us. With delicate fabrics there is some measure of risk during treatment, and on very rare occasions a gown may be damaged. We will always complete a pre-inspection of your gown and inform you of any specific concerns associated with the process. In addition, we require a 5% insurance guarantee for all gowns with a retail value over $3000 so that in the event you choose to proceed with service after concerns are discussed, the cost of your gown will be covered.

Yes, we ask for a 50% deposit at drop off, and the remaining balance will be charged when your gown is completed. We also offer an additional 5% discount for gowns that are paid in full at drop off.