Spot Cleaning done professionally

Ft. Worth Spot Treatment for Wedding Gowns by TheKnot and WeddingWire Awardees

Ft. Worth, Dallas, Arlington, and so many more venues in North Texas are perfect for the wedding of your dreams, but the best of weddings can also mean food stains, spills, and dance floor mishaps. 

So what do North Texas brides do when it comes time to wash or dry clean their gowns? First of all: none of the above! Brides may find themselves spending twice on DIY materials as they might spend hiring a professional. 

Allen, Southlake, Plano, and Pantego are home to plenty of options, so what makes one better than another? And when you need a bridal gown cleaned in or near TCU, Westover, Ridglea, Highland Park or Rivercrest, when do you start planning? Read on to learn more, then put your research to work saving you time and money as you prep for your big day…

When and Where to schedule professional wedding dress cleaning in Tarrant and North Texas

What’s so great about being prepared for your Dallas, Frisco, or Colleyville wedding gown cleaning is having peace of mind on your wedding day. You can dance to your heart’s desire, scarf down as much wedding cake as possible, and even toast without worry about splashing champagne. 

Professional gown cleaners with AWGCS certification can handle any and all of the following:

-Visible stains from cake, sauce, lipstick, or wine.

-Invisible stains that won’t appear until months or years later: alcohols, sugars, and more.

-Snags, tears, rips, and damage that you may not have even noticed!

Your wedding day will be remembered by your keepsakes. While those include photos, videos, and your wedding bands, a bridal gown is the one thing that can be passed down from generation to generation, so don’t go wrong when investing a little now can lead to great results years later. 

So when is best to have your bridal gown cleaned in D/FW? It’s simple. Start now! Did you know that cleaning your gown is a service that can be scheduled well in advance of your wedding? Set yourself up for success and take advantage of a free consultation, if offered. 

Fort Worth’s Certified Professional Wedding Gown Cleaner: Kite’s Bridal 

There may be other gown cleaning options in Grand Prairie, Burleson, Garland, Alliance, or Denton, but neither near nor far can you find the Kite’s level of care and experience. In addition to our AWGCS Certification, Kite’s Bridal specializes in the MuseumCare™ approach. If you choose to utilize this service, your dress may last longer than you could have expected. 

Call Kite’s Bridal of Dallas/Ft. Worth at 866-822-2554 today.