Certified Wedding Gown Cleaning

Wedding Gown Cleaning Guide for Brides in Fort Worth, TX 

It doesn’t matter where you’ve tied the knot. Whether nearby at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Arboretum in Dallas, or further away like Colorado or a tropical beach, when you’ve finished your vows, it’s time to think about cleaning your wedding gown.

Can you DIY gown cleaning? Can a dry cleaner handle it? And what differentiates AWGCS certified gown cleaners from non-certified shops in North Texas? 

If you want your wedding dress truly cleaned, and cleaned to the point that future generations can enjoy it, then we commend you for doing your due diligence. Cleaning gowns in D/FW can lead to pitfalls, so read on to learn the most about effective cleaning options.

Looking for Certified Wedding Dress Cleaners in Highland Park, Southlake, or near UD?

First of all, there are major differences between cleaning your gown yourself, dry cleaning, and having a professional handle it. Luckily, and speaking for Kite’s Bridal, this process doesn’t differ very much in overall cost! While other bridal gown cleaners in Allen, Plano, Frisco, and Fort Worth may have steep prices, Kite’s Bridal is a steal by comparison.

Knowing that pro bridal gown cleaners are crucial, what’s the difference between a certified shop like Kite’s of Fort Worth and an uncertified one? When it comes to cleaning stains, repairing tairs, and visually inspecting every inch of lace, Kite’s makes good on its certificate from the Association of Wedding Gown Care Specialists (AWGCS). 

Kite’s addresses both visible and invisible stains as well, meaning we can handle everything from the obvious chocolate cake stains to the less prominent stains that can show up years down the road, like alcohol and sugar. Our master seamstresses can repair even the worst snags, tears, and more. 

Kite’s Bridal of Fort Worth has been a mainstay for North Texas, giving brides and newlyweds from all corners of Tarrant county a TheKnot and WeddingWire awarded option to have their gowns cleaned. When you work with Kite’s, you get to skip the long hours and trial-and-error of DIY’ing something yourself. 

TCU and West Ft. Worth’s Local Wedding Dress Cleaner | 866-822-2554 

Winter weddings have rain, snow, and cabernet. Spring weddings have sugar, sun, and sometimes, sand. When you call Kite’s Bridal of D/FW at (866) 822-2554, our team will be standing by to walk you through our process. 

If you’re interested, Kite’s offers gown restorations and preservations too. Our MuseumCare™ process means keeping your gown in pristine condition so that future generations will be able to wear it as an heirloom. 

Call (866) 822-2554 to talk Fort Worth gown cleaning and feel free to stop by our offices as well. Kite’s Bridal has served dress cleaning clients all across North Texas, including Pantego, Benbrook, SMU, Garland, and Denton. 

Happy New Year!

Winter Wedding Gown Cleaning in Dallas, Southlake, Fort Worth, and Westover

Whether you’re tying the knot in D/FW or returning home after a destination wedding, you’ve probably considered what happens to your gown after the festivities end. If so, good on you! Taking proper care of your wedding dress by having it professionally cleaned will make a volume of difference years down the road.

Do you hope to pass down your wedding dress to future generations? If that idea has crossed your mind at all, you absolutely should have your gown professionally cleaned, rather than dry cleaned or trying a DIY solution.

Read on to learn more about professional wedding dress cleaning for December brides and see just what makes the difference for newlywed brides all across West 7th, Highland Park, Grapevine, Aledo, Allen, Plano, and Frisco too. Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington aren’t too far when it comes to dress cleaning by Kite’s Bridal.

Can you DIY stain removal for your wedding dress? | D/FW Bridal Guide by Kite’s Bridal

When it comes to stains, scuffs, and tears on your wedding day, be prepared for the worst so you can enjoy your big day no matter what. If you call ahead and schedule with a professional gown cleaning service, it can make all the difference in giving you peace of mind. Moreover, there are “invisible” stains that won’t appear for weeks or months. If you don’t clean your gown with a pro, you could very well end up with irreparable damage.

That’s not to scare you, though. Winter weddings are all about snow, sand, and/or cabernet sauvignon, all three of which can leave lasting effects that your daughter or granddaughter wouldn’t appreciate. It’s affordable and easy to clean your wedding dress in Ft. Worth, and when you phone 866-822-2554, the Kite’s Bridal team will be standing by with your consultation.

When you clean with Kite’s, you’ll get the benefit of working with North Texas’s only certified member of the Association of Wedding Gown Care Specialists, not to mention Kite’s awards and rave reviews on TheKnot and WeddingWire.

TCU and West Ft. Worth’s Local Wedding Dress Cleaner | 866-822-2554

Kite’s Bridal is Fort Worth’s dependable, affordable, and straightforward option when North Texas brides are ready to clean their gowns. In addition to gown cleaning, Kite’s also offers gown preservation services, which include cleaning and guarantee that your gown will maintain size and shape for decades.

Pantego, Benbrook, Garland, SMU, Allen/Plano, Denton, and Frisco weddings are all close enough to work with Kite’s Bridal, and we look forward to cleaning, repairing, and even preserving your gown. When it comes to wedding day keepsakes, don’t forget the three most important items: a frozen slice of cake, your wedding bands, and your professionally cleaned gown.

Winter Wedding?

Guide to Christmas or New Year’s Wedding Gown Cleaning in Fort Worth

Marrying during the winter months are special with how beautiful D/FW and other venues can be this time of year. Whether you’re tying the knot and celebrating near or far, you want to enjoy your big day without worrying about snow, dust, or food staining your gown.

Did you know that professional and specialized wedding dress cleaning is available right here in Fort Worth, Arlington, and the West Side? And did you know that wedding gown cleaning in Dallas/Ft. Worth can be just as affordable as dry cleaning in some cases? With Kite’s Bridal, you’ll have the best that Cowtown has to offer.

Kite’s Bridal is North Texas’s choice when it comes to wedding gown cleaning, preservation, and more. Our clients have been married downtown, at art museums, and all the way as far as Aledo, Weatherford, Lake Worth, and Benbrook. Even if you get married on a distant beach or mountain, you can always bring your gown back to us after the honeymoon for a professional clean.

Snow, Sand, or Sauvignon Blanc on your wedding gown? Use Kite’s Bridal of D/FW!

Brides and gowns of all sorts have stepped through our doors to professionally clean their gowns after their wedding days. It’s actually recommended that every bride has her dress cleaned professionally after marrying. Check out all the visible (and invisible!) ways your gown might be affected:

VISIBLE STAINS like food, dirt, and scuffs are some of the most common types of damage done to wedding gowns, especially if there’s lots of dancing or if a wedding has any outdoor components as so many do this time of year.

INVISIBLE STAINS from sugars and alcohols may not appear immediately, but instead will brown and darken over time. You do NOT want to have to clean these stains after the fact, so nip it in the bud and take action from day one.

TEARS AND SNAGS can affect the most delicate of gown lace or fabric. Kite’s Bridal can mend even the toughest or most intricate of gown designs to preserve a dress’s original condition.

As you can see (and can’t, when it comes to those pesky invisible stains), getting a pro to clean your wedding gown after a Christmas or December wedding can make all the difference between a daughter or granddaughter someday wearing your gown again.

Fort Worth Wedding Dress Cleaner with top awards from TheKnot and WeddingWire

Whether you’re down the street from Kite’s near TCU, Ridglea, or Camp Bowie, or further away toward Pantego, Garland, Allen/Plano, Frisco, or Highland Park and Southlake, you’re entitled to our free consultation, where we can give your dress an examination and estimate your affordable cleaning price.

Did you know that Kite’s Bridal also offers MuseumCare™ preservation for your gown? Our preservation services include your gown cleaning and guarantee that your dress will maintain its shape for future generations, so long as you store it properly.

So call us at (866) 822-2554 to see why we’re the only Association of Wedding Gown Specialist certified cleaner around!

When you need your wedding dress cleaned in Dallas/Ft. Worth, trust the best in the biz!

You might have been married in North Texas or somewhere else entirely. Whichever the case may be, when you need expert help with wedding gown cleaning after your ceremony, you need to trust the professionals. 

Did you know that a gown cleaning immediately after your wedding is actually recommended, even if you didn’t visibly stain or damage your dress during your big day? That’s right! Invisible stains and microscopic tears can worsen as weeks turn to months. Even worse, when some time has passed, you’ll have to seek out a dress restoration, rather than a simple cleaning. 

Read on to learn all about different types of stains and how a professional can evaluate your gown. Then, give Kite’s Bridal a call at 866-822-2554 and see just how affordable and easy the gown cleaning process can be, all across Fort Worth, Westover, Ridglea, Camp Bowie, and Benbrook. 

If there’s something that can happen to your gown, we’ve probably seen it and more!

When it comes to brides who bring their gowns to us after their wedding day or honeymoon (either of which works, by the way!), we’ve seen all sorts of stains and damage. Weddings in Colleyville, Flower Mound, and Arlington can get just as messy as some distant beach. So there are a number of items that we take care of at Kite’s:

BOTH KINDS OF STAINS – There are both visible and invisible stains that can befall your wedding gown. Visible stains from food and invisible stains from sugars or alcohols can both be addressed using Kite’s cleaning methods. 

TEARS OR SNAGS – Most bridal gowns have intricate lace and other elements that make them beautiful, but also easy to damage. Kite’s Bridal can repair even the most delicate of fabrics to make sure that in months and years to come, your dress won’t further damage itself or weaken. 

THE AWGS DIFFERENCE – When you clean with Kite’s Bridal, you’re getting something that most other gown cleaners might not have: a certification from the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists. Our certification, coupled with our other services like restoration and preservation, makes Kite’s a step above the rest. 

Fort Worth’s choice for professional and certified Wedding Gown cleaning 

Our long list of happy clients and awesome WeddingWire and TheKnot reviews have made Kite’s a wedding gown leader all across Richland Hills, Haltom City, Lake Worth, Pantego, Highland Park, Garland, Allen/Plano, and beyond. Kite’s also offers MuseumCare™ preservation for your gown, in tandem with your cleaning too, should you be interested. 

Call us at (866) 822-2554 for a free consultation at our Fort Worth location, and prepare to be impressed with the difference. 

Wedding Gown Stained or Damaged?

How to get stubborn stains out of your wedding gown | Ft. Worth / Arlington / Dallas

Whether you tied the knot in D/FW, at a venue in Allen, Plano, or downtown Fort Worth or Dallas, or somewhere else entirely, there is no shortage of foods, drinks, and party items that can leave a lasting stain on your wedding dress. 

If you’re trying to get rid of a blemish in your gown, you may be considering any number of options, which is why we’ve put together a handy guide to help differentiate at-home fixes, dry cleaners, and professional gown cleaning. 

The good news is that North Texas has plenty of experienced gown cleaners, one of which has a certification from the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists. Read on to learn more about cleaning a wedding gown in Benbrook, Grapevine, Frisco, Southlake, or Highland Park. 

Ways to clean and repair a wedding gown after the big day:

1. DIY: The do-it-yourself fad has exploded in recent years as brides and grooms try to save time and money planning their wedding and organizing decorations and more. While DIY is special when it comes to the ceremony, it might not have as good of an effect when it comes time to clean a wedding gown. 

Even if you’re able to get out visible stains from food or dirt, did you know that invisible stains from sugars and alcohol usually appear months or years later? If you can’t see these stains, there’s a good chance they’ll appear and waste the time you spent on visible ones. 

2. DRY CLEANING: Can dry cleaners get those invisible stains out? It’s possible, but not probable. Dry cleaners use methods that work with the average formal clothing, and may work for the tuxedos, but not as well with bridal gowns. Moreover, dry cleaners may not be able to make repairs or protect delicate lace and beads. 

3. D/FW PROFESSIONAL GOWN CLEANING: A professional dress cleaner is valuable in more ways than one, and at affordable prices that may even beat the DIY or Dry Cleaner options. 

Grand Prairie, Garland, Weatherford, and Arlington gown cleaners use top-notch methods to clean, repair, and even protect your gown for years and generations to come. An AWGS-certified shop is even better, because you’ll get the best quality results at the lowest possible price. 

Trust an AWGS Certified Option with Top Ratings for D/FW Wedding Gown Cleaning

Whether it’s our great online reviews, WeddingWire awards, or best-of’s on TheKnot, Kite’s Bridal of Fort Worth is an industry leader in gown cleaning, preservation, and even restoration, all across the D/FW metroplex. Kite’s can provide MuseumCare™ preservation for your gown in tandem with your cleaning too, meaning an extra level of affordable protection for future generations. 

Call Kite’s at (866) 822-2554 for a free consultation at our Fort Worth location, and see just what we can do! 

When should I have my wedding gown cleaned?

Should you schedule a wedding gown cleaning before or after your wedding? | D/FW Brides


In North Texas, getting married means big parties, lots of great food, and the occasional exotic ranch, beach, or mountain. The difficult part with any wedding is keeping the bride’s dress sparkling clean throughout those festivities. The good news is, whether you’re going to tie the knot soon or already have, this is the perfect time to clean that gown (you know, just in case it wasn’t like-new after a full day wedding). 


Even if your wedding gown looks fantastic at the end of your big day, there are very likely invisible stains, which most brides don’t realize. You could store your dress after your wedding day, even if you have it dry cleaned, only to find dark stains that were hiding under the fabric all along. 


Read on to learn all the ins and outs when it comes to cleaning, repairing, and even preserving your wedding gown, especially if you’re in the D/FW metroplex. Kite’s Bridal has served Texas brides for decades, and we’re excited to give you the best of AWGS Certified care, all across Grapevine, White Settlement, Benbrook, Fort Worth, Frisco, Allen, and Plano too.  


Invisible stains can survive dry cleaners + Does your gown need repairs to lace or beads?


The guys can dry clean their tuxes in most cases, but the gals have to do a little more diligence with their gowns, unfortunately. When it comes to cleaning those ornate dresses, you’ll need a gown cleaner that can not only address visible stains, but also use detection techniques to find those invisible stains too. Not to mention repairs and seamstress work!


Moreover, if you’re located in or around Highland Park, Southlake, Hurst/Euless, or Garland/Grand Prairie, Kite’s can provide MuseumCare™ preservation for your gown in tandem with your cleaning. 


Preserving your gown can mean not only cleaning it professionally, but also keeping its shape, size, and fit for generations to come. Even if you move to another state where Kite’s Bridal is not located, you still should be able to find MuseumCare™ certified professionals who can ensure your gown remains preserved. 


TheKnot and WeddingWire Favorite Wedding Gown Cleaners: Kite’s Bridal of Fort Worth, TX

Whether it’s our Yelp reviews, WeddingWire awards, or Association of Wedding Gown certifications, Kite’s Bridal is an industry leader in gown cleaning, preservation, and even restoration, all across the D/FW metroplex. Call us at 866-822-2554 for a free consultation at our Alta Mere offices, and see just how much we may be able to help you in your journey and memories of matrimony! Kite’s Bridal is central to the Stockyards, White Settlement, Grapevine, Weatherford, Pantego, Carrollton, and Burleson too.

Is it too late to have my wedding gown cleaned?

Can you still clean a wedding gown weeks or months after your wedding in D/FW?

Dallas/Ft. Worth is home to so many great wedding venues and, well, homes! If you live in North Texas and want to know more about professional wedding dress cleaning or preservation, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether your wedding was in a big cathedral or on a deserted island, there’s a good chance your gown found its way to some dirt, sand, or dust, not to mention invisible stains that might have appeared due to sugars or alcohols. Whatever may have dirtied or even damaged you gown on the big day, know there are solutions for just about anything!

The key when it comes to repairing or cleaning a wedding gown is time. If you wait too long, you may be in for a restoration rather than a cleaning. So whether it’s been weeks or months, don’t wait another second. Call Kite’s Bridal (near TCU) at (866) 822-2554 for a free consultation and more. We serve Arlington too, not to mention Dallas, Grapevine, Weatherford, and White Settlement too.

Have stains appeared on your gown weeks or years after your wedding? Clean them!

While the guys can dry clean their tuxedos (or return their rentals), the ladies have it harder, because dry cleaning doesn’t work so well for cleaning gowns. You might have sworn that your dress was perfect when you put it away after the wedding, but now stains are everywhere! Is there a leak in your closet? Probably not: you may be the victim of stains that can appear later on, caused by sugars or alcohols.

Getting out sugar and alcohol stains is just as important as stains from sand, dirt, and the dance floor. When you’ve worked with a professional North Texas gown cleaner to take this step, it means peace of mind knowing that an expert has evaluated your precious keepsake.

But how many bridal gown cleaning experts are there in Dallas, Fort Worth, or other areas like Garland, Highland Park, HEB, Southlake, or Benbrook? Unfortunately, not many when it comes to certifications. That’s why Kite’s Bridal is proud to be a member of the Association of Gown Care Specialists, giving us top marks with our clients and on popular sites like WeddingWire and TheKnot.

Trust CERTIFIED Bridal Gown Cleaners with Kite’s of Fort Worth | (866) 822-2554

Did we mention that Kite’s Bridal is also certified as a MuseumCare™ specialist? This process allows us to preserve your gown for an additional cost, ensuring that future brides and generations of brides can wear your gown. Our MuseumCare™ network is nationwide, so even if you or your daughter should move, she can still wear your gown and have it preserved again.

Your wedding dress is a critical keepsake from your big day, so make sure to treat it like one. Kite’s Bridal serves all of D/FW, especially the Stockyards, White Settlement, Allen, Plano, Grapevine, Downtown, Weatherford, Farmers Branch, Garland, Pantego, Carrollton, and Burleson.

Wedding Gown Cleaning after Destination Wedding

Are you wondering how you will get your wedding gown clean after Beach or Destination Weddings outside of D/FW?

If you’re planning on a beach wedding in the coming months, you may have thought ahead to what comes after the vows and the great food: cleaning. If you’re on some faraway island, can you have your dress properly cleaned if it’s come into contact with sand, surf, or something else?

Yes! Kite’s Bridal of Fort Worth serves brides all over Ft. Worth, Arlington, and Dallas both before and after their destination weddings, even if there’s an entire honeymoon that takes place in between. If you’re based near TCU, Westover, White Settlement, West 7th, or Benbrook, call Kite’s Bridal at (866) 822-2554 for a free consultation.

Kite’s Bridal is Cowtown’s only certified Association of Wedding Gown Specialists member, and our ratings on WeddingWire and TheKnot are “Best of”! When you clean your wedding dress with Kite’s, you’ll get the very best of quality, timeliness, and efficiency.

Should you Dry Clean or hand wash a wedding gown damaged by sand or soil?

While dry cleaning is effective for many types of clothes, specialized gown cleaning is what you need if you’ve just tied the knot. When you clean a wedding gown in D/FW with Kite’s, we’ll address stains that are visible, like those caused by dirt or food, as well as invisible stains, which are caused by alcohol and sugars.

Not to mention, wedding gowns are delicate. While a dry cleaner may not pay careful attention to lace, beads, and other artifacts, when we take care of dresses at Kite’s, we pay careful attention to each and every detail, which is why we’re a favorite all across Richland Hills, Grand Prairie, Highland Park, Southlake, Hurst/Euless/Bedford, and Grapevine,

Our cleaning process starts with a free consultation, where we’re able to estimate costs and turnaround time. Once your dress has been cleaned, we’ll assess every detail in a post-cleaning consultation. And, should you choose to do so, we can provide your gown with MuseumCare™ preservation, which will maintain its shape and quality for generations to come.

Ok, but what about repairing damaged wedding gowns in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metro?

The short answer with Kite’s Bridal is: OF COURSE.

If your gown suffers a snag, tear, or rip during the festivities (as so many do), the show must go on. Kite’s Bridal is there to help when the show is over too. Repairs are just as crucial, if not more crucial, than cleaning. Repairs prevent further damage to fabrics over time, for instance. It’s not something you want to take lightly, and that’s why you trust it to the pros.

You’ll have three keepsakes from your wedding day: your bands, your photos, and your dress, so call Kite’s Bridal at (866) 822-2554 to get started stat. We serve clients all over Allen, Plano, downtown, Weatherford, Farmers Branch, Garland, the Stockyards, Pantego, Carrollton, and Burleson, so you’re never too far away!

Cleaning and Repairing Wedding Gowns

Cleaning and Repairing Wedding Gowns after Outdoor/Destination Ceremonies

The great outdoors can be beautiful for your wedding day, whether that’s at one of Dallas’s event spaces, the Texas Hill Country, or even some faraway destination. Whether your big day is around the corner or you’ve just celebrated, you might be wondering: what happens if mud, dirt, or sand gets on your perfectly white gown?

You can’t just toss your wedding dress in a washer, and most dry cleaners won’t be able to return the gown to its original color. So what do you do, especially if you’re located near Ridglea, Westover, White Settlement, or TCU?

Specialized cleaning is available right here in the metroplex! Thanks to Kite’s Bridal of Fort Worth, which is a “Best of” pick on both TheKnot and WeddingWire, Kite’s can clean and/or preserve your dress for decades to come. Call 866-822-2554 for more information and a free evaluation for your gown, whether you’re in Ft. Worth, Dallas, Highland Park, Southlake, or Arlington.

What makes a D/FW Wedding Gown Cleaner Unique compared to Dry Cleaning

Wedding dress cleaning is a process that requires the utmost attention to detail, plus special tools that dry cleaners don’t utilize. A gown has lace, beads, and other delicate items that may need to be rigorously cleaned, but not altered or damaged. That’s a challenge for gown cleaners that aren’t AWGS-certified, like Kite’s specialists are.

When it comes to removal of dirt, dust, or stains, you want to make sure that the dress can get the best clean possible. Then, you need to address what are known as “invisible” stains, like those from alcohol or sugars, which can appear months or years later. Kite’s handles these and more when we clean for our clients all across Richland Hills, Grand Prairie, Hurst/Euless/Bedford, and Grapevine

Dallas/Fort Worth Wedding Dress Cleaning AND REPAIR!

OK, so you know by now that Kite’s can clean your gown to the best possible standards, but what about repair? What happens if a dress gets a snag, rip, or tear during the ceremony? Well, the show must go on! But you don’t want to leave such damages for extended periods of time, because they can get worse or warp.

Kite’s Bridal specializes in cleaning your wedding gown, preserving your dress, and yes, repairs! You can rely on our AWGS membership, MuseumCare™ preservation standards, and high ratings on the most popular wedding review sites.

Call Kite’s today at 866-822-2554 if you need your gown cleaned after your wedding. We serve clients in Benbrook, Allen, Plano, Weatherford, Garland, Pantego, Carrollton, Farmers Branch, and Burleson, so you’re never too far away!

You’ll have three keepsakes from your wedding day: your bands, your photos, and your dress, so why not give your gown the same respect that you give to your bands and photographer?

Quinceañera Dress Cleaning

Dallas, Arlington, and Fort Worth Quinceañera Dress Cleaning | Affordable and Easy!


A young woman only celebrates her Quinceañera once, and looking back on that special day is something that requires keepsakes. No treasure is as important or personal as a Quinceañera gown. Unfortunately, Quinceañeras mean lots of food and beverages, all of which can stain that gown and lead to damage later on. 


Kite’s Bridal is Fort Worth’s favorite source for Quinceañera gown cleaning, and that includes invisible stains that you may not immediately notice after the event. Our Quinceañera gown cleaning services are popular all across the metroplex, including Allen, Plano, Garland, Grand Prairie, Grapevine, Irving, Benbrook, the Stockyards, and Frisco. 


See what makes Kite’s a favorite on both WeddingWire and TheKnot when you have your Quinceañera gown cleaned with Kite’s. Call us at (866) 822-2554, and see why Quinceañeras all across Ridglea, TCU, SMU, Denton, and Cleburne rely on us for cleaning, stain removal, and more. 

Can you clean a Quinceañera gown for an affordable price in D/FW? | Kite’s Bridal


What does it cost and how effective is it? These are two questions we get all the time at Kite’s, which is why we put together this guide for both when it comes to cleaning Quinceañera dresses. 


First off, Quinceañera gown cleaning can be very affordable, and we provide pre-cleaning inspections to make sure that our work will land within our clients’ budget. If there are dyes, stains, or lace that we’re concerned about, we’ll contact you during that pre-inspection process to ensure that we do the best job. 


Second, cleaning Quinceañera gowns isn’t as easy as dry cleaning. Our multi-step process involves the aforementioned pre-inspection, but also includes stain removal, cleaning of invisible stains, and protection of lace or beads that could become damaged in typical dry cleaning. 


Whether you need your Quinceañera gown cleaned in Fort Worth, Hurst/Euless/Bedford, Aledo/Weatherford, Las Colinas, or Richland Hills, Kite’s Bridal can help you through the entire process. 

Certifications are important when it comes to Quinceañera gown cleaning 


Our preservation process is just a few steps different from our Quinceañera cleaning process, which means both receive state-of-the-art attention to detail and care. Moreover, many of our services at Kite’s Bridal are guaranteed by the AWGS, so you can trust our work. 


Call Kite’s Bridal today for all your Quinceañera gown cleaning needs at (866) 822-2554, and prepare yourself to be impressed. Cleaning your Quinceañera dress with Kite’s means passing down a dress to the next generation too. 

Nosotros Limpiamos y Planchamos vestidos de quincañera y nos aseguaramos de que sea absolutamente perfecta para la celebracion. Despues de todo una joven cumple 15 años una solo vez.

Despues de la fiesta, nosotros nos dedicamos/cuidadosamente a limpiar tu vestido de quinceañera y tomamos medidas adicionales para aseguararnos de que se eliminen todas las manchas. Tanto como las vistas, como las invisibles porque los derrames (pastel, refresco, liquiores) de la fiesta muchas veces causados por un invitado pueden dejar manchado por sin una marca visible. De lo contrario, estas manchas azucaradas que no se disuelven durante la limpieza en seco ordinaria se caramelizarán en feas manchas marrones y amarillentas.

Especialistas certificados en vestidos de Novia examinarán su vestido sin cobro y le dáran una estimacion del cuidado de su vestido de quincañera.

Su vestido de quinceañera es el vestido mas hermos que haya tenido, ahora puede limpiar su vestido especial para que se mantenga en excelentes condiciones para usted o para cualquier otra persona de la familia cuando llege el momento, y ademas podemos guardar todos los accesorios del vestido.

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